Jaroslav Bradac 2006 13,5 min

The short film is based on a unique artist’s book in mixed media on hand made paper, created in 2005. The aim of this book was to challenge the conventional perceptions about some taboos by comparing them to historical and contemporary interpretations.

The book was structured broadly into three chapters, based on three words,two of them generally regarded as taboos, their full interpretation being quoted from The Shorter Oxford English Dictionary. It also included an appropriate quote from The Holy Bible, Genesis: Chapter 3, v 6-8.

The pictorial narrative started with childhood memories of street graffiti leading to relevant examples of artefacts and works of art ranging from the medieval to renaissance, rococo, realism and surrealism.

Each chapter was visually supported by examples of my own work in mixed media and photographs of examples of my current three dimensional and two dimensional work. I wrote a new screenplay which included the video of turning the pages and the scanned images to create a visual narrative to blend with the flow of music by Haydn and Verdi. The aim was to convert the original book of static images into a moving image.

EDITED BY: Leia Vogelle CREATED AND DIRECTED BY: Jaroslav Bradac